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Richard Newton

Richard Newton

Richard founded Echo with former colleagues, Julie Saliba and Philip Maskell.

After starting his career in various sales and marketing roles in the IT industry, Richard entered the legal technology sector in 2000 as one of the founders of Contract Express and successfully established it as the leading document automation software and services provider in EMEA. The company was sold to Thomson Reuters in 2016.

He set up Echo in December 2018 with a vision of creating an independent legal technology services provider based on top quality people providing excellent customer service, and successfully established the business with a number of former colleagues and customers joining him.

Richard was a passionate fly fisherman, a keen cyclist and a collector (and drinker!) of scotch whisky. Most importantly, he enjoyed engaging with people and his warmth and good humour meant that he had many dear friends, including customers, colleagues and competitors in the legal technology industry.

Sadly he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in April 2021 and died on 14th August 2022. He is survived by his wife, Jane, and sons, Will and George.

The Echo team is committed to delivering Richard’s vision and to maintaining his principles within the business.

Richard Newton
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