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Document Automation in action in one of the world’s oldest auction houses

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

At, we want to bring legal technology to a wider audience.

So we’ve created some stories that show how we work with our clients using document automation and how this creates business results.

This is our story of working with a leading auction house to maximise their use of Contract Express.

Rare vintage items, beautiful artworks….and a lot of contracts

Behind the rare items and works of art in one of Britain’s most well-known auction houses are a huge volume of deals, contracts and business support teams, all of which are tasked with bringing the most progressive and efficient approaches to this three hundred year-old business.

Taking legal tech to the next level

Our client had been using Contract Express for many years, but wanted to take their legal technology use to the next level. As the reliance on the system grew, they approached as implementation partners to help deliver on the next stage of their strategy, running a multi-phased, multi-language project. operated as the client’s external Contract Express team for this project, helping to plan and deliver on all Contract Express milestones. This involved prioritizing requests, working out what was needed from the business to achieve all the milestones and how to resource development time in line with Contract Express tickets.

Getting more out of Contract Express

Our team of lawyers, automation experts and legal technologists at was able to work with the client to provide a complete solution. We supported new contract requirements in 7 different languages, provided day to day contract language updates and worked to deliver questionnaire simplifications and performance improvements. By understanding what comprised the exception scenarios, we were able to move the standard processes to an automated solution, reducing the need for human interaction. We then helped them implement a simplified process that drove users to common contracts more efficiently, while still giving them the flexibility they needed for more complex transactions.

Our client’s team said:

“We came to as we knew they had extensive experience when it came to getting the most out of Contract Express. Our starting point was assessing what we had, fixing chronic issues in design and then working out how to go forward in a delivery framework.”

Business outcomes and working with

So what have the outcomes been so far?

The work has done to develop Contract Express has allowed the client’s Business Support team to work in a more streamlined way. The data and information the technology now generates is reliable and accurate, enabling faster decision-making. Combined, this has made a significant impact on the business and freed professionals up to focus on other legal projects.

On working with, our client commented:

“Working with the team at is effortless. We always speak to a person or an individual – as a vendor they make us feel important and looked after. They have a great client service ethic and always give us comfort and assurance when it comes to Contract Express, as they have so much experience.”

Over the last six months, the Contract Express project has gone from strength to strength. By the end of Summer 2022 we hope the benefit will be even greater. So it’s definitely not going, going gone, as we continue to get the most out of Contract Express for this business! is owned and managed by founders and members of the original Contract Express team. We have worked on many of the world's largest deployments of Contract Express at major law firms and corporate legal departments. If you’d like to speak with one of our team about how we could partner with you, contact us here:

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