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Two cups of coffee, a spoon and a glass of water, on a marble plinth.
Working with us is like sitting down for a nice hot cuppa. Smooth and easy. – a quick intro

For those of you who might not know us; an introduction. At, we work with in-house teams and law firms on a range of legal automation projects, from automating individual or suites of documents on various platforms, implementing and expanding use of HighQ, Contract Express, Avvoka and HotDocs, supporting internal teams, reviewing precedents for automation readiness and providing consultancy for those starting out on their automation journey.

In short, clients come to us at, as they know us as process and automation experts with decades of experience with legal tech.

Legal automators, lawyers, technologists and project managers

What sets team apart (aside from being a combination of legal automators, lawyers and technologists who deliver to the highest standard for our clients!) is our process and approach to working with clients, whatever their automation challenge.

We take pride in our project management approach - creating estimates, delivery milestones and plans on a project-by-project basis, ensuring total clarity and ownership at all stages of the project, supported by regular check-ins to ensure we are all aligned and delivering to the plan. project timeline

This is what a typical timeline looks like for one of our simpler projects:

1. We scope

We invest time in conducting a thorough scoping with all our clients. We have at least one, if not two, initial meetings to discuss your project, what documents or processes you need automating, what the pain points are and what success looks like.

We then provide a written estimate for work with assumptions and scope. Once that is agreed, we develop and agree the plan of delivery, giving you clear indication of when you will be receiving outputs for review so you can park this time in advance.

2. We kick-off

Once we have a signed Statement of Work we can proceed with the automation. Usually we hold between one and two short kick-off meetings, to agree expectations and to make sure we know the issues we are looking to resolve.

3. We update

We’ll provide regular updates throughout the project so you are always aware of how everything is progressing and how much time is left in the "tank". This means we can work together to accommodate last minute changes in scope (let’s face it - no matter how tied down the scope is – things change). Being transparent and ensuring you are fully informed when it comes to time and cost is key to how we work with you.

4. We keep checking in

We have interim meetings for complex or phased projects to ensure the project team is keeping to the plan and to address any changes in scope. We also use these touchpoints to clarify any specific points of drafting or optimise them for automation purposes.

5. We deliver

We provide deliveries throughout the project. In a simple document automation project this may be just one. For more complex documents there may be a second draft round to build in time for feedback. When we’re creating a HighQ site or a process automation, we phase delivery so you have the ability to test each stage and see the progress.

6. We complete

We make sure you have everything you need to get your project up and running within your organisation. This might include demos to internal stakeholders or advice on where to situate your project for maximum usage potential. The most important thing is that we get as much buy-in for project success as possible.

7. We keep in touch

But that’s not the end. We stay in touch to check that your document automation journey continues and to ensure we can make it as successful as possible for you, your team and your business. Working on just one project is rarely the case for us. We enjoy long term partnerships with most of the clients we help, continuing to manage projects and operate as their external document automation advisors for the long term.

Interested in working with us?

If you like our approach, then we’d love to talk to you. Contact or to tell us about your document automation requirements and how we could work together.

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