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Contract Express / Doc Auto

Our Service

Contract Express is the market leading legal document automation platform.  It features a rich template authoring environment that can be used to automate documents of any complexity, along with exceptional data and workflow management finctions and a well designed and documented API to enable integration with other platforms.

echo is owned and managed by founders and  members of the original Contract Express team. With a combined 120 years experience since 2001 we have worked on many of the world's largest deployments of Contract Express at major law firms and corporate legal departments.

Our team comprises several of the world's leading experts in the solution. We offer clients a range of services to accelerate delivery of Contract Express projects.

  • Template automation/coding. We deliver fast, accurate coding services irrespective of document complexity. With automation savvy lawyers on our team, we can do the preparatory work if your templates are not marked up for automation. Waiting for precedents to be finalised before starting is no longer a barrier to automation projects.

  • Proven Methodology.  Our Quick Start IP process ensures predictable delivery and cost. It ensures projects are up and running with best practice automated templates with minimal input on the client's part.

  • Flexible pricing. We code on a fixed fee or T&M basis according to what works best for you.

Our Experts

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