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Document Drafter

Our Service

Document Drafter is a fast-growing document automation platform that is being adopted by many organisations. The developers have a strategic partnership with FromCounsel, who are using Document Drafter to support their automated document roll out. It is a Word-based automation solution, as well as boasting an impressive range of integrations so your team can work in the right environment. The Document Drafter team have created an ambitious roadmap and are looking at a strong future.

echo, with our team of lawyers, automators and KM experts can help you start out right with Document Drafter and expand your uses of the solution. We bring automation experience that, in addition to getting you documents faster, can help deliver well designed automation that your lawyers will love.

We offer targeted or full services, from initial implementation expansion over the Document Drafter solution:

  • Template automation / coding. We deliver fast, accurate automation services for all documents, irrespective of complexity. With automation-savvy lawyers on our team, we can do the preparatory work and save you the need to mark up your templates for automation.

  • Ad hoc support or managed services. We can operate on a basis according to what works best for you.

  • Start right. Our automation audit service can help you identify the right templates to automate, and ensure that you optimise use and gain traction in the organisation.

Our Experts

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