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HotDocs is one of the most well known and enduring document automation solutions. It has a huge user base and enjoys a reputation for deep capabilities in its field. The recent release of HotDocs Advance has brought new functionality and accessibility to the tool, though many deeply embedded with Classic HotDocs are comforted to find support ongoing.

Key to HotDocs ongoing success and usage is its reliability. Many organisations have used the tool for decades to simplify their drafting process – it does the job effectively and completely. Echo can add to your capabilities through our own decades of experience, on team lawyers and creative approaches to automation.

We offer a range of services to support initial implementation, expansion and maintenance of your HotDocs instance -

  • Template automation / coding. We deliver fast, accurate automation services for all documents, irrespective of complexity. With automation-savvy lawyers on our team, we can do the preparatory work and save you the need to mark up your templates for automation. This means that there is no need to wait for precedents to be finalised before an automation project can begin.

  • Flexible pricing. We code on a fixed fee or time and materials basis according to what works best for you.

  • Start right. Our automation audit service can help you identify the right templates to automate, and ensure that you optimise use and gain traction in the organisation.

Our Experts

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