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Legal Automation Solutions

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Why dedicate precious resources to solving problems that are common to many other organisations? Echo has developed pre-packaged best practice approaches to several frequently used legal automation use cases.

QuickStart. Fully scoped and effective starter templates that provide an immediate ROI from document automation platforms. These enable predictable, cost effective delivery that help organisations get up and running with best practice automated templates with minimal input on their part. Available for most Corporate, Real Estate and Commercial transactions.

Guidance/Expertise Applications. Templates that enable law firms and legal teams to quickly set up automated systems to provide bespoke guidance through complex regulatory matters.

GDPR/DPO Enablement. An off the shelf platform using  document automation and collaboration software to quickly handle response letters and Subject Access Requests (SARs) in the event of data breaches or Freedom of Information Requests.

Business Services Portals. Combining document automation and collaboration software to provide an efficient platform to manage the HR and Procurement ‘paperchase’ common to many large organisations.

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