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2023 Year in Review: Our Top 5 Blogs

Would you look at that? We're approaching the tail end of 2023!

Here's a chance for us to highlight some of our most popular blog posts from this year. From the latest updates to client stories and our insights into document automation processes and strategies, it's all neatly compiled in one spot. Why not take a moment to dive in and explore a year in document automation with

Ever felt the challenge of getting "lawyer time" for legal tech projects? For, collaboration is key. From kick-off meetings to flexible feature lists, these are some of the strategies we have found align with the lawyer mindset. It's not just about tech; it's about maintaining momentum and engagement through the lifecycle of an automation project.

We partnered with a global law firm facing challenges in digitising corporate transactional processes, and delivered more than just automated Share Purchase Agreements. Learn how meticulous planning, collaboration and ongoing support led to a transformed client experience and enhanced drafting standards.

What happens when law firms team up with clients on innovative initiatives powered by legal tech? Explore some examples, from client-owned agreement automation to client portals. Learn why offering legal tech externally is a win-win, delivering value, deepening relationships, winning new clients, and expanding your law firm's role.

ROI extends beyond financial gains. A narrow focus on cost-cutting may overlook crucial aspects. Consider the human dimension in legal tech projects. Recognize the significance of a motivated team and broader benefits in the ROI discussion. It's not solely about efficiency but also enhancing lives and encouraging innovation.

When embarking on client-facing legal tech projects, it's time to be a bit selfish. Discover why self-interest is the key to sustainability. Align your project with your law firm's core values and measure its value proposition. It's not just about what the client wants; it's about what your law firm needs. Explore the lenses of alignment, value, and scalability to ensure your project stands the test of time.

Considering diving into document automation for your law firm or legal team, expanding a current legal tech project, or exploring faster and more efficient delivery options? The team at are ready and waiting to partner with you in 2024.

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

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