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Avvoka is a fast-growing document automation platform that is rapidly gaining market share. It has a strategic partnership with the LMA, who selected Avvoka as the tool to automate their industry standard loan documentation, which is due to launch shortly. It is part of the modern “no code” movement in legal technology, which allows users to adopt the solution quickly with minimal training, and potentially to broaden the range of authors who are able to create and maintain their own templates. A key selling point is the negotiation feature, which allows external parties to access the interface and work through document edits, subject to appropriate content controls.

Though simplicity of automation lies at the heart of Avvoka, reaching a critical mass of automated templates, and implementing the core principles of successful automation in an effective and scalable way, requires time and experience. Echo can help clients to achieve this with our team of lawyers, automators and strategic advisors.

We offer a range of services to support initial implementation and to help accelerate return from investment in the Avvoka solution:

  • Template automation / coding. We deliver fast, accurate automation services for all documents, irrespective of complexity. With automation-savvy lawyers on our team, we can do the preparatory work and save you the need to mark up your templates for automation. This means that there is no need to wait for precedents to be finalised before an automation project can begin.

  • Flexible pricing. We code on a fixed fee or time and materials basis according to what works best for you.

  • Start right. Our automation audit service can help you identify the right templates to automate, and ensure that you optimise use and gain traction in the organisation.

Our Experts

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