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Document Review Service

Our Service

Automation of documents starts with good quality content.

While most firms will maintain precedents, they are not always in an optimised state for automation. Unprepared content can slow the launch of a project, or cause problems during the process, delaying it. 

We offer a range of services aimed at ensuring your organisation's documents are going to give you the best start in the automation process. 

Not only can we draw on our lawyers' drafting expertise but also our experts who have a deep understanding of Word functionality and years of automation experience.

Our document review service is tailored to your specific requirements and can cover:


  • Proposing clear English drafting changes as well as other drafting and layout changes to improve the readability of a document.

  • Suggesting gender-neutral language changes (which can help reduce the number automation points).

  • Reviewing documents to ensure they have been drafted consistently.

Automation Preparation / Content

  • Advising on the most suitable approach to structuring your documents ready for automation.

  • Amalgamating multiple versions of documents into one or more consolidated documents.

  • Reviewing document drafting to ensure that optional, alternative and conditional wording is set out in a way that will enable that wording to be easily automated.

  • Identifying any drafting gaps that may result in no text being generated when a particular selection is made while answering a document automation questionnaire.

  • Suggesting language or additional drafting is carried out to finalise any placeholders to ensure all intended options are catered for.


  • Reviewing documents to check compliance with your organisation's house style requirements.

  • Reviewing suites of documents to ensure that they can easily be automated in a way that allows a number of different documents to be generated.

  • Checking Word formatting (including paragraph styles) has been correctly applied throughout a document.

  • Checking Word cross-references have been applied throughout a document.

Our Experts

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