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In-House Legal Operations

Our Service

Are you wondering where to start, or do you have a key need to address? Legal operations can be daunting, and there are always more immediate priorities. Many know that they need it, but are unsure how to start, or concerned the scale of the change will exceed their availability and budget.

We offer a range of services, from initial workshops that identify key deliverables to targeted implementation. Whether your needs are for technical deployment, or additional resource we can provide the right people and skills.

If you have already begun your legal operations journey, it may help to contact us to see how we can assist. We’ve supported clients in augmenting their existing offerings, and deliver the next stage that has seemed beyond reach.

  • Working with us means access to a range of specialists with a broad skill base.

  • We operate on a model that looks to deliver value quickly, and build incrementally. Not endlessly consult.

  • We use technology appropriate to your business model, and support integration to link to your existing systems.

  • We make sure everything we help you to implement can be maintained and improved cost effectively going forward.

Example Projects

Our Experts

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