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The practice of law has fundamentally changed over recent years, clients expect that their external counsel will offer more than traditional legal services. Thankfully, there is a broader eco-system of technology and expertise than ever to support this.

We work with law firms to assist in supporting their clients in new ways. These are not simply value add services, but tools that allow you to operate more efficiently and embed yourselves more deeply with their operations.

New projects do not by necessity require new technology. We find that many organisations have the tools already, and could do far more with them. If it fits your need we can help you get the most out of existing tech, so you spend time delivering rather than procuring.

  • Support from project conception to ongoing maintenance.

  • Create template portals that can support a range of clients.

  • Customisation of look and feel, to your or your client’s, branding.

Example Projects

Our Experts

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